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Windwhistle Primary School

Windwhistle Primary School

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Headteacher: Lyn Hunt BA(Ed) PGDip
01934 629145

"Achievement by building confidence"

Life at Windwhistle Primary School Life at Windwhistle Primary School Life at Windwhistle Primary School Life at Windwhistle Primary School Life at Windwhistle Primary School Life at Windwhistle Primary School Life at Windwhistle Primary School Life at Windwhistle Primary School Life at Windwhistle Primary School Life at Windwhistle Primary School Life at Windwhistle Primary School Life at Windwhistle Primary School Life at Windwhistle Primary School Life at Windwhistle Primary School Life at Windwhistle Primary School Life at Windwhistle Primary School Life at Windwhistle Primary School Life at Windwhistle Primary School Life at Windwhistle Primary School
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Mrs Hunt - May 2015

Good luck to all our Year 6s who are doing their SATs this week.  You have worked so hard during boosters, we are proud of you.

Daisy - January 2015

When is sats?  

KS2 SATs are from 11th - 15th May :)

Charlotte - January 2015

The holidays have gone so quick but have really missed my friends including kirsty even though i met her in year 3 she has made my day since now and really glad that she is my friend. I love WindWhistle!!!!

Katie - January 2015

Dont know why but the holdays have gone very quick for me . hope evry one at windwhisle had a good time too.

Jacob - January 2015

Love year 5 its amazing with mrs walker it couldn't be better

Charlotte - January 2015

Hope everyone had a great christmas and love their presents. Year 6 has been great so far and can't wait to go to the isle of wight. Windwhistle primary schcool is amazing with all the staff and don't want to leave Windwhistle. Windwhistle couldn't be a better place without Dave & Jacob cuz they have worked hard to set up good activities for each year when they have them. xxxx

Kirsty - December 2014

thank you all the members of windwhistle for setting up trips making this school a better place i love u WindWhistle never want to leave dave & Jacob are the best p.e teachers ever with all love kirsty y6

Charlotte - December 2014

I can't wait till christmas day to open my christmas presents and see what i get - i really hope i get what i really wanted!!!!!

Kira - December 2014

4 day till Xmas!

Kira - December 2014

i miss my friends all ready i don't want it to be holidays i wanna see my friends - anyway see you on the 6th January

Kate - December 2014

All I want to say is windwhisle is the best school ever !!!

Katie - December 2014

Love year six wish I could stay here longer !!:)

Tianna-Lei - December 2014

I hope you enjoyed your Christmas cards mrs hunt !!!!!!!!!:)

It is lovely thank you.  Mrs Hunt

Charlotte - December 2014

cant wait till the weekend. gonna have so much fun. xoxo 

Mrs Clist - December 2014

I agree with Charlotte, dance club is amazing fun and the new dance is going to be one to watch out for!!! and of course all the other dances we do are very exciting!!! well done to all the dancers for sticking at it, Mrs Davies Miss Sperrin and myself are very proud of you all.

Charlotte - December 2014

had a great night a dance club tonight. our theme is space. its soooo cool. having fun at school. love the subjects. xoxo

Jazmine and Courtney - November 2014

we are so happy we got miss evans xx

Courtney - November 2014

i have the bestest teacher ever miss evans

Kira - November 2014

we will be going to colston hall soon and this is one of the songs we are learning. hope u enjoy frozen let it go because we may be singing it at the end of our Christmas concert just year six so if u do decide  to sing along to it I hope you know the words

Kira - November 2014

we went to asda on Saturday we raised a load of money for reception so well done for every one who gave up their weekend to help school a big thank-you to all of the teachers for giving us year sixes the responsibility to pack bags at asda i would just also say a humongous thank-you to asda staff for letting us help hope everyone had a amazing time at asda hope we raised anoth money for reception to get some equipment for their playground

Well done to you too Kira - Mrs Hunt

Jasmine - November 2014

i love doing in the the bleak mid winter solo part

Erin - November 2014

Hi I really miss Windwhistle I am now in Hans Price and I love it here but not as much as Windwhistle :) x

Jasmine - November 2014

i love year 6 thank you miss evans and mr james for giving me sydney and katie the part we appreciate  it very much and we practise every break and lunch

Paige - November 2014

Miss all my friends ecpeserly louisa i miss her and all my other friends xx


We miss you and your family too.  We hope you are enjoying your new school.  Mrs Hunt

Kira - November 2014

Like my teacher mr james he is a great teacher

Alice - October 2014

Love school and all my friends to Mia Piper Halli mai and Kira

Kira - October 2014

like year six very much cant wait till the isle of wight.

Harrison - October 2014

Really like  y5 especially mrs walker i  really don't won't to leave y5

Tianna-Lei - October 2014

I am having fun in Y4H I got the same teacher again!

Timara-Jayne - October 2014

I am having fun in Y5 I have the best teachers ever and friends,Katie H,Jessica,Lauren and there's more. This school is the best school I have ever went to. Mrs Robinson and Mrs Walker I'm glad that You are our Y5 teachers.

Jasmine - October 2014

Miss Evans your the best (obviously funiest) teacher in windwhistle i can already think of your present(S) AT THE END OF YEAR 6

Kirsty - October 2014

i love windwhistle and y6 miss evens has a great sense of humour. I know who im going to share a room with on the Ilse of
White its Charlotte and Lillie my last year to spend with y6

Miss Evans - October 2014

Charlotte the birthday badges are waiting for you.  You'll be the first this year. Sydney and Jasmine glad you're enjoying Year 6. Hope you're not too tired after your sleep over.

Jasmine and Sydney - October 2014

We're having the best sleepover ever all thanks to school because we wouldnt have met.  we love miss evans

Madison - October 2014

My teacher Mrs Walker is nice and lovely person I love year 5  the work is getting harder my maths teacher is Mrs Robinson she is a nice and kind  and are  maths work is getting harder

Kira - September 2014

Love year 6 work great topic great and our teacher is great to.  Year 6 will be the funnest and greatest year at windwhisle


Katie - September 2014

it is my birthday in four days I am bringing in cake for my class can not wait for my birthday I am going to be 10 yay!

Charlotte - September 2014

my birthday in 13 days and having a party in 16 days and handing out the invations tomorrow can't wait only allowed 5 people though wish i could bring more and i get to wear miss evans birthday badges i love windwhistle primary school

Cameron - September 2014

I miss Windwhistle.


We miss you too Cameron, come and visit us soon.  Mrs Hunt

Kirsty - September 2014

i love windwhistle i never want to leave but sadly i have to because im going to secondry school in a year

Aurora - September 2014

i love my new teacher Mrs Walker i don't want to leave the school.I love my school work now because i did my best handwriting.

Keira's Mum - September 2014

Thank you for Keira's lovely surprise that came through the post Saturday morning can't believe how nicely she goes to school compared to last term.  Keira's proud mum xx


We are proud of her too.   Mrs Hunt

Katie - September 2014

Another day at school i love my new teacher Mrs Walker she is the best dont  want to leave year 5

Charlotte - September 2014

love year 6 its great can't wait till the isle of wight!

Jamie - September 2014

 I love year 5 my teachers are really nice esipically Mrs Walker . Mrs Walker you are the best teacher ever i don't want to leave u when i go into year 6

Kira - Septeber 2014

love year 6

Jasmine - September 2014

i love year 6 ww2 is cool and sewing is awsome and cant wait to see how i do through year 6 LOL!!!!!!

Kirsty - September 2014

Getting tought new lessons thats good for our learning miss evens is the best and mr james

Miss Evans - September 2014

It's great to be back at school and my new class are simply the best!        Keep it up Y6E.

Kirsty - September 2014

2nd day back to school love my new teacher shes nice - last year at primary school!

Charlotte - September 2014

first day back at school amazing - learning about world war 2 cool LOL xx

Charlotte - August 2014

i miss all my friends I want to go back to school so i can see them haven't seen them a in while i hope they had a good holiday i will see them soon ! xxxx :)= :(

Kira - August 2014

cant wait to go back to school i miss all of my friends and i want year 6 to start so then the isle of wight will get a lot closer.  See u all son piper alice, mia, katelyn and hallie_mai

Shikera - August 2014

Hi guys, Its been a list ng time since I came and visited you all but I can't believe how fast my school years is going I'm going into year 10 this year its so scarying wish I could come back to windiwhistle and start my primary school years all over again. I would have to come in and see you all very soon but I will have to see miss Evans and Mrs James the most because they are my favourite although I shouldn't have favourite's but I will definitely come in and see you all very soon.


We would love to see you Shikera.  Mrs Hunt

Jordan - August 2014

OMG im missing all the teachers; i wish i could turn back time and come back; i miss Miss Evans the most and i hope you are all okay x


Come in and see us soon Jordan.  Mrs Hunt

Charlotte - August 2014

Moving next week i think i might be moving to Milton but i don't know if i will be moving school cuz my uncle said it is too far away from Windwhistle      xxxxxxx   :)


We would be very sad to see you leave.  Mrs Hunt

Tianna-Lei - August 2014

I am glad I got the same teacher

Charlotte - August 2014

Year 6 already wow gone really fast

Aurora - August 2014

i really miss school and all the teachers lso my friends.hope you have a nice holiday.see you soon

Charlotte - July 2014

Really miss my friend Paige i really hope she can come and visit Windwhistle

Jazzmin- July 2014

in year 8 soon gone really fast i miss all the teachers that taught me and all the teachers in the school hope they have a good time and have a good time inn the future thank u windwhistle primary school !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! xxxxxxxxxxx

Charlotte - July 2014

really hot having fun tho in the sun can't resist the sun got sunburn really hurts i will make sure i will put sun lotion on and i will miss mrs walker and mrs bussell when moving up to year 6 can't wait

Drew - July 2014

Wow i cant believe its been 4 years since i was last taught at that school it was a great school.  So many great teachers, 2 more years left at secondary school i still cant believe its been that long.

Trinity S - July 2014

Miss you so much. It's not as good at my new school.

Deena - July 2014

I'm gonna miss this school along with Erin Lucy Ellen Logan Agata Kornelia and everyone else hope I can come back and visit. 


We hope you do too Deena.  Mrs Hunt

Katie - July 2014

Really sad to day i didn,t want to leave Mr m.  I started crying in the leavers assembely because my friend Amber was.

Tommie - July 2014

I miss the school

Erin - July 2014

I'm going to miss windwhistle so much when I go to secondary school

Georgia - July 2014

I now only have 7 school days left of Windwhistle so that means I will only have that to see some of my friends who are going to a different school.

Charlotte - July 2014

Today i went round my Mums house and had a barbaque really nice unfortunatly my friends didnt't come round but next saturday i am going to invite them because i didn't know i was havong s barbaque today so i will make sure i will and i will ask my mum and there is one more thing and that is Mrs Hond has seen my baby brotehr and he is coming to our school woo hooo and Mrs Hond can look after him and so can his friends but not just Mrs Hond ( no-ifence ) . Hopefully he will have a great time at this school because he will have the best teachers in the universe and he will have the best school in the world!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

Kai - July 2014

hey guys i miss everybody.I will never forget this school teachers and friends. Most people is going broadoak so im gonna see most of my class anyway.I mostly miss my teacher Miss hunt. please respond anybody LOL :)

Charlotte - July 2014

Having fun can't wait to my mums barbaque on saturday next week some of my friends are coming hooray

Kai -July 2014

hey guys. Im having fun at my new school but i miss my friends like lewis,cody,george,emmanuel,violet,tianna and phoebe.  Also miss the all the teachers.I hope i see u all sometime in my future.  miss you all so much.


We miss you too Kai.  Mrs Hunt

Charlotte - July 2014

went to brean saturday really fun can't wait till year 6 cuz i might be sharing a room with kirsty and lillie the are my bffs and i love windwhistle primary school cuz we have really nice teachers and we have friends that look after you when you are hurt thank you Mrs hunt

Shannon - July 2014

hey i love this school and im going into year 6 and my new teacher is mr james and my teacher at the moment is miss robinson cant wait to go to year six but dont wanna do sats

Kira - June 2014

I cant belive my bff got through  to the talent show they are so good singers

Charlotte - June 2014

Auditions yesterday didn't get thorough but i will try again in year 6 can't wait till Isle of wight

Max - June 2014

Just looking through and missing Windwhistle so much


We miss you too Max.  Mrs Hunt

Piper - June 2014

im so lucky to have my bffs

Tiffani - June 2014

i love school the most!

Kira - June 2014

I love school !

Aurora - June 2014

today i was out in the sun playing with Maddie,Jessica,Katie and Sophie.

Kirsty - June 2014

i love Y5 cant wait to go to Y6 cuz im going to the isle of wight wanna have a room with my Bff Charlotte and Lillie x

Connor - June 2014

Since i moved school i have made a lot of progress in my work

Aurora - June 2014

i am so lucky that i moved school to Windwhistle because i have a wonderful headteacher and i have made so many friends since September yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jamie - June 2014

love WindWhistle because I like all the teachers because they care they keep us safe and makes us be a better person by giving us the right choices. The most caring teacher is Mr Mclaughin.

Katie - June 2014

Outside enjoying the sun listen to frozen plus getting ready to go to my Aunties BBQ.

Yasmin - June 2014

Aww Hello Guys I Miss Windwhistle !! Moving To Algeria Was A Big Change !! Well I only stayed in algeria for 3 years :D now im in scotland YAY :Di miss all my friends and teachers


Lovely to hear from you Yasmin - you must be 13 now!  I hope your brother and sister are OK too.  Mrs Hunt

Charlotte - May 2014

i am better  now yeh yeh yeh yeh yeh yeh woo hoo !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Charlotte - May 2014

I was ill yesterday and still am today so i couldn't go to charlies birthday i wish i could but i cant hopefully i will be better soon


I hope you will be better soon too.  Mrs Hunt

Charlotte - May 2014

Today i am going on the rollercoaster on the beach called the crazy mouse i thnk it might be freaky

Mrs Ogborn - May 2014

Good luck Year 6 with your SATs this week, can't believe how much you have all grown up from when I used to hear some of you read in Y2.

Katie - May 2014

It is good that we are getting the basketball hoops in the playground thanks to network 17.Well done.


Charlotte - May 2014

Happy may day Windwhistle!

Madison - April 2014

 I love windwhistle so much I dont want to leave this school when I am in year 6 mrs hunt you are the best headteacher ever my best friends are aurora katie h katie w chloe  w and more still I love windwhistle ?!!!!!!

Katie - April 2014

had a good day at school mrs harper taught me today wish mrs haper could come back i miss her.

Madision - April 2014

I am looking forward to coming back to school I missed my teachers and friends even though I seen my friend amber a couple of times in the holidays I love school I dont want any more holidays because I love Windwhistle

Charlotte - April 2014

i am having the greatest time in year 5 and am really going to miss all my friends when i move

Madison - April 2014

I had a brilliant time at @Bristol I was in GRomit group with mrs harper it was really good especially when MR m got lifted up and it was really good seeing mrs harper again I want her to come back
also I was sat next to chloe weeks on the coach and it was really fun]


So glad you enjoyed your visit to @Bristol, I will tell Mrs Harper that you want her to come back.

Katie - March 2014

Great day with year 4 had a AMAZING time at @ Bristol I was in Wallace group with Mrs Mason.

Madison - March 2014

I love windwhistle and the teachers are nice especally mr m my teacher and Mrs hunt you are cool

Paige - March 2014

Really miss my best friends miss the school and teacher and i miss my friend louisa and charlate  xxx

come and visit plz

We miss all of you too.  Mrs Hunt

Georgia - Year 6 - March 2014

I have an amazing teacher -Miss Evans and boosters is really helpful to get y6 ready for S.A.T.S. in may. I also have amazing friends jess trinity rhianna and others. This school is the BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lauren - March 2014

hi MRS hunt you have had a great success with the school in all THESE years that  I have been here which is most of my life so a big thank you to yourself and everybody whos heleped us all after theese soooooooooooo lots and lots of thankssssss

Kelsey - March 2014

hi everyone lol just got a laptop

Josh - March 2014

i Mrs hunt i really miss you i wish i could see you and my family i moved away a wile back but i really miss windwhistle wish i could shrink back into a toddler and be there i would do anything to say how much your schools changed i bet it has not 1 inch i miss Harrison kelsey and that lot but i really really really really miss you and everyone else wish i could make time go back i would like it if you could remind kelsey about me and she might start crying as well she really misses me i can tell my mum Carly used to work for you she misses everyone oh yeah an i really miss flicking people while there working if you do it now in my new school you get detention back then you just got told off MISS YOU LOTS Josh

Lauren - March 2014

I love school so much. LOL

Lauren - March 2014

are all very well with our new teacher for the year mr.m in year 4 it was y4n but know it's y4m how strange and mrs hunt you know we all love this school and theres nothing we would change all thanks to you and all that work at our school love sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much#

Charlotte - March 2014

i am really missing paige and hope that she has a good time at her new shcool she was my bestest friend and really miss her :(  (hope you have a good time paige) !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kornelia - February 2014

I love this school my teachers are awesome and I'm really enjoying boosters

Hallie-Mai - February 2014

cant wait till world  book day tommorw im going as a monkey and my sister is going as a doll i dont know what the doll is called though it is a weird name my best friends are katelyn,piper,holly,alice,mia my faviorite subject in school is pe and my faviorite club after school is netball cant wait 2 weeks until i perforem at the playhouse my  mum is making the totouse and  if we give in 2 pound 50 miss allcock d miss clist is taking us 2 mcdonalds for tea and we  are eating our lunch in the playhouse cant wait im in the frount row

Halli-Mai - February 2014

i have just had my pancakes and now i feel sick

Imogen - February 2014

i love my teacher and my best friend rebecca came round yesterday and we played fairys and princess and we even had some pancakes for tea and it wasnt even pancake day

Daisy - February 2014

I will really miss u paige and on monday we will all be sad that you are not there :( miss you :'(

Jazmine - February 2014

i am going to miss paige :'(

Paige - February 2014

I'll miss all my freinds , teachers and glad to be at school for another week xxx

Jasmine - February 2014

I am going really miss Paige I got home on Wednesday and cried:(

Daisy - February 2014

I am going to really miss Paige :(

Tianna-Lee - February 2014

I hope Bobby has a good time at his new school

Trevor and Doug - February 2014

We would like to say a big thank you to Mrs Strang, Windwhistle school and Bristol Rovers for a great day out watching the football match: Bristol Rovers v Oxford.

Tianna-Lee - February 2014

I am going to miss Bobby when he moves school

Madison - February 2014

I love my teacher but although she is not in I wish her a happy and healthy getting better and I miss Mr Turner and Mr Flint.

Timara - February 2014

I like the new website and I still miss Syd,Faye, Jade, and Maya and the others and this school is the
best for ever

Tianna-Lee - February 2014

Windwhistle ls the best school ever with all the teachers that we got for all of us to learn with and my best friends like violet,tamzin,phoebe,lewis,bobby, Mlss Hunt Mrs Bowen

Timara - February 2014

Windwhistle is the best but I'm missing Mr Turner and Mrs Cooling and my best friends are Katie, Chloe, Lauren, Madison, Katie w, Kelsey, Auroa and Sophie

Trinity - January 2014

Best Website Ever!!!!!!  Its so cool Y5 get Brown Trout.  So sad I have to go.


We wil miss you Trinity but hope you like your new house.

Kai - January 2014

i love windwhistle so much.  I cant believe i might have gone to another school.  Well thank you to all teachers and helpers and staff.  Year three is the best year so far lol

Charlotte - January 2014

the holidays are great but i cant wait in till we go back to school because i havent seen my friends since it was the christmas holidays and christmas was great because i got a mini computer and nail art dress up dolls and i got what i wanted    ORBEEZ orbeez are these little balls and there are a lot you can relak you hands in one set and there is another one where you can relax your feet

Mason B - December 2013

I miss you guys a bunch and I hope that you all manage without me well.


Lovely to hear from you Mason - we miss you too.  Mrs Hunt

Jamie - December 2013

I wish everyone a happy Christmas time.  I love all my lessons.  My best time of the year is when
I'm at school

Katie - December 2013

Merry Christmas everyone - sad to see Mr Flint go

Jazmine- December 2013

love it in year 5 the best day so far is Thursday.  I wish we had maths because that is my favorite subject.
Must make the most of it at school every adult says to me i wish i am at school again today

Hallie-Mai - December 2013

love it in year 5 i am so glad that i got to do a speaking part with my best friend in the whole school alice. In carols round the tree it was awsome loved listeing to reception got the songs in my head

Kira - December 2013

love schooll!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


                                                lovely  teachers !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Erin - December 2013

I can't wait for the Xmas party on Thursday I love what I'm wearing!!!!!

Jamie H - December 2013

I love my new year 4 teacher

Josh H - December 2013

i love windwhistle and i think we could do with an extra literacy lesson in the afternoon but if that dont come true then it doesnt matter because the school is awsome anyway

 Daisy - December 2013

Windwhistle is great I am in choir and Charlotte is my best friend

Sarah B-R - December 2013

Looking forward to my daughter Maggie starting at Windwhistle tomorrow She is very excited :)


So are we!  Mrs Hunt

Charlotte - December 2013

It is awsome in year 5 and whatever work i have my teacher is always proud but sometimes i need to check my commets the teacher has put and put my name so the teacher know i have read it also
whatever comment i get that check so like i need to check my past tense

Charlottte - November 2013

i love year 5

George - November 2013

I LOVE WINDWHISTLE!!!!!!!!!! I like my new teacher miss hunt and my sports teachers dave and jacob

Charlotte - November 2013

i love year 5 it is the best in the whole wide world and i cant wait intill the christmas concert and i am in choir it is AWSOME

Imogen - November 2013

make the most of your life because YOLO (You Only Live Once) xxxx

Rebecca - November 2013

Windwhistle was a great primary school i am now year 9 some point i will have to come back to see windwhistle again.


We would love to see you Rebecca.  Mrs Hunt

Charlotte - November 2013

I love year 5 it is awsome like when you have your Inspire on a friday it is partly your golden time

Erin - November 2013

I love doing gymnastics every Friday and I'm enjoying yr 6. Deena,Lucy,Logan,Jess,trinity and Agata are my best friends

Deena - November 2013

I'm enjoying yr 6 but will miss it and all of windwhistle when I go to broadoak

Jasmine - November 2013

i love year 5 also Mrs walker is really awesome.  Windwhistle is THE BEST

Charlotte - November 2013

Hey i love year 5

Hallie-Mai - November 2013

Hey I love Year 5

Jamie - November 2013

I think that my best teacher in the school is Mrs Hunt

Charlotte - October 2013

i love year five i have the best teacher in the world and saturday and yesterday i got soaked becasue there was a stroke of wind then it started tipping it down and wasnt very funny cos i was going to the library

Hallie-Mai - October 2013

i love year five i have the best teacher in the world she makes uus fun activites to do today we used potions mesures and things it was great fun

Charlotte - October 2013

yesterday i had a great day in maths i had this activity and it was really fun 

Kira - October 2013

i really love yr 5 also my teacher she is the best one ever but i do miss thank-you every one in year 5 for my couple of months you made it the best also to all my-friends for making it also hope you enjoy it too

Charlotte - October 2013

Yesterday i was secret  student and yesterday i chose chloe because she is never mean to me and she is also my bestest friend in the whole wide world

Jazzmin - October 2013

broadoak is ok but i get next week off and the next monday so i am really lucky but i get lots of home work that has a deadline of a couple of days later even on a sunday

Charlotte - October 2013

December the 4 my class are going to bristol city mueseum and i cant wait to go and also it is one of class mates birthdays and it is tia's she is my bestest frind i the world and so is daisy LOL:)

Erin - October 2013

I sprained my leg on Friday so I was so lucky the next day was the weekend its better now I can walk on it p.s I went to the wood and fell off the swing again!!!


Oh dear!  You will have to be more careful.  Mrs Hunt

Zac - October 2013

Hello year 6 is awesome Im just worried for boosters and sats!!

You don't need to worry Zac the boosters are to prepare you to do well in the SATs.  Mrs Hunt

Rochelle - October 2013

I know i dont go to this school any more but i wanna say hi to all my friends trinity, lily, jadie and rhianna -miss you xx

Lovely to hear from you Rochelle.  Mrs Hunt

Ms R - October 2013

I have returned to work temporarily this year at Windwhistle and the staff are, as always, welcoming and friendly and envelop you into the team. Good to see you all again and to have some hands on work with the children this time around :)


It's great to have you back Ms R.  Glad you are enjoying it.  Mrs Hunt

Jasmine - October 2013

this school is a fun place to be and i am very lucky to come here!

Jamie - October 2013

I love my new teacher Mrs Nicholson she is the most popular teacher in the whole school.

Charlotte - September 2013

yesterday i went to the cinema with kirsty and watched the monsters university we really had fun

Charlotte  - September 2013

today i went to the cinema with kirsty and we might watch justin and the knights of valour in 3D

Charlotte - September 2013

today i forgot i had my trumpet lesson but i used one of my friends because she had a sore throate and i forgot my homework aswell , i didn't get told off though

Jazzmin - September 2013

Weekend was great. Went to the cinema with courtney. We watched one direction this is us. It was so hilarious

Charlotte - September 2013

yesterday i went to the cinema with tia's sister courtney and we watched one direction- this is us and i watched a part that was HILARIOUS!

Charlotte - September 2013

i am going to the cinema with tias sister courtney yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

Jacob - September 2013

i like year 4 because i like hard home work

Jazzmin - September 2013

im loving broadoak so far i had a test yesterday but i think did very well

Charlotte - September 2013

My backs better now so i can run and annoy my sister alot WOOP WOOP!

Jazzmin - September 2013

im liking broadoak but the work is harder than windwhistle. my sister fell backwards off the swing yesterday and hurt her back but she s fine now but it still hurts her. hope she gets better soon.

Charlotte - September 2013

MY BACK REALLY HURTS! it still isnt better but i hope it does some week soon

Charlotte - September 2013

Hi windwhistle yesterday i fell off the swing and hurt my back and when i fell off it , it felt like i broke my back but i hope its gonna get better over the week , and to help my back get better my nan gave me a paracetamol.


I hope you are OK now Charlotte.  Mrs Hunt

Faye - September 2013

i loved windwhistle but i do miss everyone ;')

Katie - September 2013

A great first day in Y4N

Katie - September 2013

My little brother is going to reception on Monday he is looking forward to it.

Sam T - September 2013

not to worry jazzminim sure everyones nervous but we will all still look out for each other all of us the entire new y7's windwhistle part you'll make new friends too

Sam T - September 2013

hi missing u all hope you tell the new year 6's to enjoy it while they can i'll be visiting so watch out p.s. thanks for the reply just looking at this website brings back so many memories.  See you soon.


Yes, we hope to see you very soon Sam - looking smart in your new uniform.  Mrs Hunt

Jazzmin - August 2013

have had a lovely holiday cannot wait to start broadoak but a bit nervous at the same time cant wait to see all my friends

Erin - August 2013

Yr 6 here I come, I am going to be the oldest in the whole school!!!!


You are right - you will be the eldest in the School by nine days!  Mrs Hunt

Charlotte - August 2013

 i cant wait to go to year 5

Hayley - August 2013

hi i miss you all i will be going into big school x


We miss you too.  Good luck at big school, please come and see us soon.  Mrs Hunt

Daisy - August 2013

I am sooooo excited to go to year 5 i have been to Bude and got charlotte a present cant wait yeaaah lol

Jordan H - August 2013



We miss you too Jordan.  Please pop in and say hello in September.  Mrs Hunt

Charlotte - August 2013

cant wait till we move up because i have a new teacher and thank you to all the teachers who has been my teacher this year and all my friends for helping me do my work and i have just been to see my cousins last week and the personi was glad to see was nikki and my auntie and her husband are coming to sleep round i cant wait

Mrs Jennifer Hill - August 2013

'What fantastic comments!' I agree all Staff @ Windwhistle Primary School are dedicated, caring and committed to get the best from the children. I have enjoyed immensely working in Y6 and had a wonderful time learning new skills with the Children. Miss Evens & Mrs Nicolson worked tirelessly during SATS. Well done to you both, it?s een great working with you & Y6 Children. Good Luck in your new Schools.

Charlotte - August 2013

hi windwhistle i saw daisy near proper job with her mum and i was amazed to see her there because she is my best friend in the whole wide world and i am going to knock for daisy I CAN'T WAIT LOL

Ellen - August 2013

Wow miss Evans is my new teacher. She is really nice. Hi miss Hunt, just been to Cornwall in bude. Wish you were there!  Yay! I can't believe there is just one more year of primary school left! Before I know it I'm gonna be in secondary school and I'm gonna get A LOT MORE homework ;'( but I'm up for a challenge. Oh and HI all the staff at windwhistle for helping me since year 2 =D

Samuel - August 2013

hi there i just wanted to tell the new year 6 classes how amazing y6 is and how great my years at windwhistle primary school have been!
Thanks Sam - it has been a pleasure to see you do so well at Windwhistle and I am sure this will continue in your next school.  Mrs Hunt

Kelsey - August 2013

Georgia i miss you, megan was really sad at the leaving asembley i was crying x :(

Jamie - July 2013

When i started Windwhistle i didn't know the kids or the teachers but now i know some.  i will tell you some of my
them - katie, josh ,mrs cooling and mr james

Jordan - July 2013  

Mrs Hunt you are the best head ever and Mrs Nicholson is amazing as well

Daisy - July 2013

Hey  iv saw Charlotte near proper job I was like lol and all of ur things at windwhistle amazes me and my friends lol

Charlotte - July 2013

sorry daisy i didnt go to ur house monday its because i had lots of things to do.

i ma sooooo happy that we have a new teacher this year and we have got mrs walker she the best teacher ever

Mrs Harper - July 2013

Thank you to all at Windwhistle for making my last few days so very special - I will never forget them. I have been so lucky to work with you all. The children are the best, I will miss you all.


Thank you to the staff who gave me such fun with Pink Bunny's adventures - the scrapbooks are amazing. Keep on being that special place filled with special people and stay safe. have a wonderful holiday and I'll see you all next year xxx

Have a lovely holiday Mrs Harper - we will look forward to a visit from you in September.  Mrs Hunt

George - July 2013

My neighbour helped to paint the Noah's ark at school

Keira - July 2013

Thankyou very much for my george voucher for my attendance i am going to get a nice dress for when i go to my grandpa looking forward to year 2 gonna miss year 1 :D

I am so pleased for you Keira - have a lovely time with your grandpa.  Mrs Hunt

Ellen - July 2013

Hey trin, jess, Logan, Erin,Lucy and other team members we will be top of the school!!!

Ellen - July 2013 

I am so glad to have miss Evans as a teacher. I am sad that miss Fleming, Mr Turner and miss Harper are leaving. I would love to hear a respond to this message. 


Hi Ellen - I am glad that you are looking forward to next year.  Mrs Hunt

Daisy - July 2013

I am soooo happy we have a new teacher try and guess which one!

Alice - July 2013

Hallie-mai, is my best friend we like do everything together and im in the same class as her so its cool. i cant wait until we move up in year 5 with the best teacher in whole inter WORLD and does any of you know its...... MISS ROBINSON! ya ya ya ya ya

Hallie- Mae - July 2013

OMG im going into year 5 with the best teacher in the WORLD  i will miss miss hunt but my sister has her and she was really glad to have her

Georgia - July 2013

Miss you guys so much hope you had a great time at the ilse of white, miss you megan :(

Tamzin - July 2013

i cant wait to go into year3 im going to be doing the plays with my sister and my teacher is my sisters old one and it's miss hunt thank you to all my teachers in year 2

Alice - July 2013

Hey everyone my new teachers miss Robinson I'm going to miss miss hunt thank you for being the best teacher and I hope you learn some different things in year 3 like the children they are very nice you have hallie-mai's sister and yeah! So good luck I will miss you.


Oh yeah I would like to give a shout out to my best friends who are Hallie-mai, piper, mia and the new best friend of mine Kira. Mrs harpper you have been great thank you for being here for everyone in the whole school I'm sad to hear you go!

Charlotte - July 2013

OMG im going into year 5. Cant wait got mrs walker, one of the best teachers in the the whole wide WORLD.   i am really sad that the year6 has gone to the
isle of wight because my sister ha s gone and i really miss her very much

Lucy - July 2013

OMG im going into year 6.  Can't wait i got Mrs evens , one of the best teacher in the WORLD

Jazzmin - July 2013

I am going to the isle of wight this week and i am so exited. we have to be in school by half past seven. :)

Mrs Nicholson - July 2013

What an amazing group of children we have in KS2.  Brilliant production of 'A Load of Rubbish'.


I have to agree - it was wondeful!  Thank you too to Tim Rylands for joining the audience.

Shannon - July 2013

hi its me i cant wait to into year 5 and learn more stuff than i already know and i want to find out what they rap the mummies in

Hallie-Mai - July 2013

hi its me i  have fun doing maths but i'm strugiling  to do my work after i spraind my arm after falling of the monkey bars in welbry woods and  it hurt  and most of my friends know thank you to my friends who have been looking after me at play time and lunch time alice piper shannon and charlie have been looking after me at those times

Lilllie - July 2013

i will miss year 4 in year 5

Daisy- July 2013

i love the amazing windwhistle website and we are making windwhistle things

Hallie-Mai - July 2013

When I go into year  5 I'm going to miss my teacher miss hunt 

Corey - July 2013

i am looking forward to going into year 5 and learning about the Egyptians.thank u

Rocco - June 2103

hey Miss Robinson is my new teacher BUT I'm gonna miss, Miss Hunt :(  Bye bye Miss Hunt

Shannon - June 2103

my new teacher is miss roobinson hurrah

Tamzin - June 2013

my new teacher in year 3 is miss hunt but i would like to say thank you to miss james miss carroll and miss newberry

Hallie-Mae - June 2013

my new teacher is miss robinson hurrah! but thank you miss hunt for teaching me.  All the best hallie-mai

Imogen - June 2013

hi i like it in nursery i dont want to leave my teachers on there own with new children just in case there really naughty.  The best thing about nursery is that we get to play and we only have to come to school until
lunch time.  At home i dont like playing on my own for 3 hours

Shannon - June 2013

i love my teacher miss hunt she teaches me very well i wish she could always be my teacher thank you for teaching me all the best xxxxxxx

Hallie-Mae - June 2013

i like it in year 4 with the best teacher so far i dont want to leave year 4

Chloe M - June 2013

I love being in Mrs Luxton's class she is a great teacher. I will miss her when I go into year 1.

Katie - June 2013

i love my NEW teacher mrs Nicholson but I will miss miss cooling !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Corey - June 2013

my new teacher is mrs walker i cant wait.yes!

Katie - June 2013

Yes! My new teacher for year 4 is Mrs Nicholson.

Mrs Luxton - June 2013

I can't believe how the time has flown and I will soon be saying goodbye to my lovely class. However, I am looking forward to meeting my next class and continuing to see how my old classes grow up!  Amazing; the 1st class I taught at this school is going into Year 4!

Louise - June 2013

i don't want to leave year 5 :,(

Lili-Mae - June 2013

i love this school so much cant belive im leaving Year 6 soon :( going to miss this place xxxxxxxxxx

Megan - June 2013

I am really enjoying this school website and i like all the teachers and Mrs Hunt for being so helpful and caring in any situation.

James C - June 2013

Hello everyone I don't know if you know me but I used to be at Windwhistle school.  I'm in secondary school now I'm nearly leaving school I.m nearly at the end of year 10.

Hi James, I remember you well and am so pleased to hear from you.  Good luck in the future.  Mrs Hunt

Timara - June 2013

Mrs Hunt is the best headteacher ever and i've got the best friends they are katie, madison, lauren, chloe,  katie.

Piper - June 2013

I like the new website and i am sad because i had to leave baton twirling :(

Tianna - June 2013

I love our teachers in our school.

Clair - June 2013

I don't ever want to leave this school but in 5 weeks time I will be and going to Broadoak. :( I'll miss all of the teachers as well as my friends I've met.

Georgia - June 2013

Miss this school now x


We miss you too.  Mrs Hunt

Timara - June 2013

Mrs Cooling is the best teacher ever and Mr Turner is my best dance teacher ever and Wind whistle is the best school

Erin - June 2013

I can't wait for the tests this week.  I love having Mrs Robinson as our math teacher wish me luck  ;)

Charlotte - June 2013

Hi Windwhistle i'm loving this new website guys and i hope everyone is loving it as well.

Ms R - June 2013

i am temporarily covering the g.a position and love it so much here i applied for the job. the staff and pupils are always friendly and welcoming and have a smile on their faces, it's like home from home :)

Charlotte - June 2013

Hi windwhistle i havent been on this website for ages but i am loving this website.  Thank you windwhistle primary school LOL:]

Mrs Wynn - May 2013

My little boy Ellis starts Windwhistle in sept but he so doesnt want to leave nursery he loves all his teachers but mrs dinsmore is his fav it will b a hard day for us both when he leaves nursery xx

Daisy - May 2013

I'm so sad that I'm not well and I miss Charlotte my bff


We hope you are feeling better very soon.  Mrs Hunt

Faye - May 2013

This school is so cool i love my teacher Mrs Nicholson xxxx

Charlotte - May 2013

Hi Windwhistle i love th enew website and i love my BFFs daisy trinity jazzy stilgoe and alice they are my greatest friends in the whole wide world!

Jamie- May 2013

 I like the teachers at Windwhistle

Jordan - May 2013

Mrs Nicholson is really nice.

Mrs Nicholson - May 2013

So proud of our wonderful year 6 children this week. I know you have all given 100% effort in all of your SATs.

I agree - you have all had a super positive attitude and given your very best.  Mrs Hunt

Chloe - May 2013

This school is the best school ever.  I LOVE MY NEW TEACHER MRS COOLING SHE IS THE BEST


Erin - May 2013

I love Windwhistle and I will never leave my best friends are Logan and Trinity.  Thank you Mrs Hunt for everything you do to make this school better

Charlotte - May 2013

Hi Windwhistle i loving the new website and i have the greatest friends in the whole wide world called daisy trinity jazmine stilgoe and areeya!

Jazzmin - May 2013

Sats is going great so far tomorrow i have paper b maths test and level 6 maths test in the morning after break. after the maths test i have a level 6 mental maths test.

Ellen -  May 2013

I love my sister daisy and my bff is trin

Paige -  May 2013

I love my teachers and my friends are Bethany, Areeya ,Tia  and Sam.

David - May 2013

Really missing Windwhistle wish I was still there xx


We miss you too David.  Call in and see us soon.  Mrs Hunt

Louise - May 2013

So sad Year 5 is nearly over :,(

Charlotte - May 2013

i wind Windwhistle = i love this website, thank you all the teachers who made up this website LOL:]

Daisy - May 2013

Hey windwhistle school wow how do you make this web page this awesome?

Kelsey - May 2013

I like my new teacher mrs cooling my friends katie  keiron jamie and richard all like mrs cooling and the school is great i like all my friends. BEST FRIENDS FOREVER

Adriana - May 2013

I love everyone and everything about.

Amber - May 2013

 I love my teacher

Thomas-James - May 2013

This is the best school ever !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Charlotte - May 2013

Hi Windwhistle primary school i'm not really doing anything.  im only on the school website is because ii might be moving house and i might be living in carnation near my best friend daisy LOL:]

Max - May 2013

This website is amazing!

Daisy - May 2013

Thanks Areeya that is nice that you did that

Areeya - May 2013

Hi Windwhistle is a great school and its fun

Trinity - May 2013

I  can't  believe  I'm  on  this  website!

Katie - May 2013

Hi everyone my little brother's got a place in Windwhistle! My best friends are Lauren, Chloe Weeks, Katie

Hill, Kelsey Brown, Timara.  My little brother loves nursery his favourite teacher is Mrs Dinsmore.

Daisy - April 2013

Hi windwhistle school my bird flew away and I'm really really really really really sad and I'm crying about it.

I am so sorry to hear this Daisy.  Mrs Hunt

Charlotte - April 2013

hi everyone i am not really doing anything.  Me and jazmine are having fun at the library xx LOL :]

Miss Evans - April 2013

My class and I think that the new website is amazing.

So glad you like it.  Mrs Hunt

Louise - April 2013

I love school.  My new teacher mrs cooling is cool

Ellen - April 2013

Hi Windwhistle guess what - I'm doing dance club again

Lewis - April 2013

The best school is Windwhistle.

Daisy - April 2013

Charlotte has a lovely smile and she makes sure I do everything correct like using capital letters and full stops thank you.

Daisy - April 2013

Mrs Fleming is the best teacher in the world because she teaches us to a treat. I will miss you waaaaaaaaaa but I'm soooo happy that I have a monitor's job for a whole year.

Daisy - April 2013

Hi Windwhistle primary school I know I put a lot of things on here but don't think I will stop because I won't.  But sorry I'm filling it up so I won't do as many, thanks.

Don't worry Daisy - we  love to hear from you.  Mrs Hunt 

Daisy - April 2013

Cheers char that is soooooo nice lol yolo

Jacob MFE - April 2013

My school is great I like it here.

Charlottte - April 2013

Daisy is my bestest friend in the whole wide world because she never lies to me and she always looks after me so when i ever get hurt she always looks after me THANK YOU DAISY you are my greatest
friend in the whole wide world (lol:)

Katie - April 2013

I love this school and I like my new teacher Mrs Cooling.

Amber - April 2013

I love school.   Windwhistle is the best school in the world!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jazzmin  - April 2013

Windwhistle is the best school ever. i have lots of friends and people dont get hurt when playing games. i wish i could
stay there forever lol:)

Charlotte - April 2013

I have the greatest school in the whole wide world because normally children don't fight and the reason i have the greatest school is because i have lots of friends that look after me a lot! THANK YOU WINDWHISTLE PRIMARY SCHOOL!   LOL!

James - April 2013

I really liked school back when I was at Windwhistle but I don't like it so much now (secondary school) do you know what I mean.

Daisy - April 2013

Thanks Char that is really nice!

PS miss Fleming is the best teacher in the world

Charlotte - April 2013

i love windwhistle primary school because i have lots of friend sand i mrs fleming is the bestest tacher in the
universe  LOL!

Charlotte - April 2013

I love Windwhistle primary school because i have lots of friend like daisy she is always looking after me and jazmine s. She always makes me laugh and Sydney she always makes me laugh as well           LOL!

Louise - April 2013

I am really happy to be at school : -) .

Mrs Harper - April 2013

The new website is fantastic and now reflects what a brilliant school this is!

Phoenix - April 2013

Loving the new website Mrs Hunt everyone ok especially u ASHLEIGH and JOSH H and Ellie and rhianna lol:) my birthday soon lol:)

Connor I - April 2013

Miss Evans is the best teacher just thought I would tell every one!  :-)

Lovely to hear from you Connor and hope you are enjoying your new school.  Mrs Hunt

Daisy - April 2013

Dear fellow friends and teachers this is the bestest school in the whole wooooooorld

Ellen - April 2013

I like the way Mrs Robinson teaches phonics.

Charlotte - April 2013

i love windwhistle primary school because it has lots of rules so people dont gert hurt.i have the bestest teacher called
mrs fleming and i have the bestest friend called daisy she is my bestest friend by helping me when i get stuck by not making my story flow

Jordan H - April 2013

I like the school because you have to be nice and follow the rules.

Daisy - March 2013

I'm sure we all love windwhistle school if you do you'll find out that it is the best school in the world!!!!!!!!!! Mrs Fleming is always  teaching very hard and Mrs hunt,Mrs galliers and everyone in the office   and we're so lucky to have a new website that has lots of things that are about how you teach and what we do I love this website!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kirsty - March 2013

I love Windwhistle so much Mrs Fleming is a great teacher so year 3 if you go to that classroom you will love it.  My best friend is trinty.  In fact my teachers and my friends are kind. It's nice to have a life like this.

Jazmine St - March 2013

Hi every1 mrs fleming is the best teacher i love the easter hoilday.  Dasiy is my best friend i had a nice birthday LOL :]

Jasmine - March 2013

I love the new website - it is awesome!

Jennifer Hill - March 2013

Having been working @ Windwhistle Primary School for several months, I have experienced a welcoming, committed and performing School. The children are a joy to work with, staff are very friendly and helpful.   Last Friday. attending the In-Set Day, was extremely effective in my working relationship with all Staff members.  I would like to thank Lyn, for giving me the opportunity working with and supporting the children @ Windwhistle Primary School. Also being part of a Professional team.

Jordan - March 2013

I like Mrs Hunt because she is really nice.

Ashleigh - March 2013

I am a pupil at Windwhistle school I am in yr5w with miss walker.  The best teacher in year five is miss Robinson so miss hunt please can you thank miss robinson and tell her I said phonics and maths are really fun with her and give your self a pat on the back for making this school so amazing you are so nice and miss Robinson is so nice

What a lovely message - thank you Ashleigh.  Mrs Hunt

Ellen - March 2013

Thank you Mrs Wwalker,jess,trinity,Logan,Cornelia,summer, and Georgia for your kindness ( and I appreciate the thanks for your new mug miss walker) from your friend Ellen. Oh and thank you for making learning more interesting!!:-) Xxxx and I forgot Louise thank you to Louise!!

Daisy - March 2013

Hi every 1 loving the new website and thanks for making this school safe just to say Windwhistle school is great! Mrs Fleming is the best teacher in the universe!!!!!xoxoxoxoxoxox   

Trinty - March 2013

I am a pupil at wind whistle a one thing I like about it is that we get 2 pieces of homework a week which is good  :D

Trinity - March 2013

This is a cool website how long did it take to build?????

Nice to hear from you Trinity - it took about 3 months work to get the website ready - great isn't it?  Mrs Hunt

Daisy - March 2013

Dear Mrs hunt please can you tell Mrs Galliers thank you for giving me keyboard lessons and Miss Dixon that I love keyboard love me socialistic

Louise - March 2013

I like miss walker and if you left I would cry! I would also give you $1,000,000 :)

Ellen - March 2013

Mrs Hunt, please say thank you to Mrs Galliers for me because I appreciate all the hard work she does in the office.  Thank you too for making the school a safe place:)

What a lovely message.  Thank you Ellen.  From Mrs Hunt

Corey - March 2013

Hey evry1 my best teacher so far is Mr James and i am loving the new website

Jasmine S - March 2013

I love Windwhistle and i like all the teachers there and i always will most of all i like Mrs Hunt and Mrs Fleming.  I LOVE WINDWHISTLE

Ellen - March 2-13

Hi miss walker,I'm really enjoying our literacy lessons!! I also wanted to say hi to trinity,Jews,Erin,Logan,parts Louise and don't forget Cornelia

Rhianna -March 2013

I love my new school

Ashleigh - March 2013

Hello everyone my favourite teacher is Mrs Munday.  I had Mrs Munday in Year 1

Paula - March 2013

I'm a mum to Elizabeth in reception. i would just like to say what a great website.  I'm so pleased elizabeth has progressed so much since starting school that is mostly a big thank you to........Mrs Luxton and Mrs Ashton....and the rest of the staff.

Ashleigh - March 2013

Can we get 3 pieces of homework a week because I love homework I am in year 5 all the teachers in this school are the best especially you Mrs Hunt

Mrs Fleming - March 2013

Loving the new website!

Emilie - March 2013

I am a pupil at WindWhistle school. i love WindWhistle school so much i don't want to leave this school

Jessica -  March 2013

I am a pupil at Windwhistle Primary School.  It has always been amazing - always has and always will.  I love Windwhistle

Ellie - March 2013

I was a pupil at Windwhistle and I left last year.  I was really excited about moving to Secondary School but now when i look back i think that Primary school was actually amazing. i really miss all
the teachers ecspecially Mrs James, Mrs Miles And Mrs Glover although she left. I have a younger sister here called Jessica and i think she is getting along great i really Miss Windwhistle :)
Lovely to hear from you Jess.  Mrs Hunt

RedK - March 2013

I can't wait until I go to secondary school but I'll miss Mrs.Fleming

Daisy - March 2013

My friends are all nice and I'm happy I'm school council!!!!!!!!  We all like Windwhistle Primary School and the
best part is we learn and have fun.  Charlotte is my best friend and when I need help I get it from her.
Windwhistle is the best school in the whole wide world.

Cameron - March 2013

Cool new website Mrs Hunt

Erin March 2013

I love the new website and I'm having a really fun time making my Easter garden.

Chloe - March 2013

I'm in Miss Riley's class and I love school especially when we have special things like willie wonky or dress up for
things. xxxx

Dylan Pinfield - March 2013

i like the new website because it looks better and i can see pictures of people i know

So pleased you like it.  Mrs Hunt

Daisy - March 2013

I love this school but when I go to high school I will miss Windwhistle!

Thank you Daisy - this is the first comment we have received on our new website!  Mrs Hunt

Clair - August 2012
I cant wait til year 6!  But I'd miss Mrs Robbinson.
tommy - July 2012
iow was amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
rochelle - June 2012
i miss all of year 4.  I miss u jadie and the rest but most of all mrs miles. iv moved school so im very happy, met new friends love u all lots from rochelle xxxxxxxxxxxx
Max N Y5W - June 2012
Just want to say looking forward 2 the performance but sad my brother is going 2 big school.  But happy that he's robin hood!!!
Jared Norton - June 2012
Im so sad that im leaving Windwhistle in a few weeks but yr 6 get 2 have loads of exciting things before we leave like The Isle of Wight =P KS2 Concert which im the lead role in =D IM GOING TO MISS YOU WINDWHISTLE!!
daisy - June 2012
i love windwistle' i get help when i need it and i have  friends to help me and a few others!!
kasey cornish - May 2012
i thought hocky was amazing i would like to do it more often now
louise tanner - May-2012
i miss mrs fleming lots and b.r.p is fun i love school so much
david manutd - April 2012
windwhistle is the best school i know i shount say yhis but all of the other schools are not very good windwhistle have the best headteacher in the whole univeres mrs hunt thank you for being the best ever headteacher and all of those who have taeched me thank for making me learn more only four more weeks of  boosters then sats cant wait happy easter guys and mrs harper and mr martin are bestdeputy  headteachers mrs badman and mrs hond has helped me alot but im growing up and got to keep my behavior up for ilse of white
daisy - March 2012
daisy swetman I love windwistle isnt it cool and I get help  by  my friends and I love wrighting because learning is fun lillie likes working the same how I do
 FAYE MILES - March 2012

shikera rawlings - March 2012

hey mrs james i am missing you so much can i be in your class again because you were so fun i am enjoyinmg hansprice very much xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Tara Engley (Green) - February 2012

Hi its Tara,

Are you all ok. I miss you all. How are you Miss Newbury and Megan. Im 16 now. Its been soo long. xXx

erin edwards y4h - February 2012
mrs fleming i relly miss you but i like miss hunt to be our teacher and ellen is my best friend!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

david richards manutd - February 2012



hayley richards - February 2012
i love it in year 5 thanks to the best teacher
louise tanner - February 2012
Im realy sad that MRS FLEMING has to go and have a baby.
Cameron farr - February 2012
I love windwhistle and i love our class in yr 4 m its amaizing

deena y4m - February 2012

mrs miles is the best teacher ever she always makes us smile i love learning about friction

i ♥ year 4
bye bye
ps wind whistle is great

Sue Hurley - January 2012

So many memories of Windwhistle primary, I was there in the late fifties, Mr Charles was the headmaster and how different was the school life in those days. But have many happy memories. I wish the school much success in the future, and keep encouraging the little one to have lots of self confidence

Clair - January 2012
I Love It In Mrs Robbinsons Class. I Never Want To Leave. Im Leaving Next Year Me No Wanna Go. I Wanna Stay In Windwhistle Forever As Long As I Live!

amelia kingston - January 2012

I love it in y6N and it is absoluty BRILLIANT because you get to go to London, the Colston hall and even the Isle of white for 5 whole days !! OMG and when its your last days in yr 5 all the y6's say it not scary in y6 but know one belived them but now we all know it is atchully BRILL so yh

louise tanner - January 2012
i realy like our topic walice and gromit - its fun
Tommy - December 2011
it wa amazing atcolston hall. But starlight was the best thing of the year because mrs rouche and missmartin are the best people in the school but now im leaving sarlight i would like to say thank you starlight for helping me.

Karen Ogborn - December 2011

Congratulations to y6, an amazing show at the Colston Hall last night, you have done Windwhistle proud once again, well done and Merry Christmas XXX

bethany y6n - November 2011
Im so happy im in year six although im leaving schoolmoving in 12 day yes leaving this place although i dont want to.
drew cotterell - October 2011
yes i have do admit churchill is better but the humor of the teachers at wind whistle made me not want to leave because mr martin mrs nicholson miss evans i though as i left the school ground that last day it just made me want to cry . so i would like to say a huge thank you to all the taechers that have helped me through the rocky patches in my primary life miss you all loads xxxxxxx

xena - September 2011

i will miss windwhistle as it was the best and walking through the doors once more was wired but i was so upset and i will miss all the teachers and all my friends who is not with me so thank you windwhistle for the best days of my life

 shikera - September 2011

i will miss wind whistle and all of my friend in year1 now because i used to work on there playgrond it is sad to let them go and i will miss james because she is the best teacher in the world and i will not cry when i come to the school

Vicky Bayldon - September 2011

hiya i cant belive im in year 6 already school has gone so fast!.Once i leave i will be crying my eyes out ill miss all my tachers i have had over the years and all my friends that go to a diffrent school but hopefully we will get in touch .i have made some younger friends which are in year 4 but i definatly will miss them.

From vicky xxxx

i will miss ya windwhistle (once i leave)

shauna - September 2011

i will miss windwhistle i will miss all the teachers i will mis the play grond and all my friends i am looking forweds to makeing know friends and all the difrent subjecs but will defant know i am gonna miss the school lodes !!!!!!!!! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Aislinn - July 2011
i am going to miss windwhistle. As the last 7 years have be fun and amazing. After the leavers assembly i cryed and still feel like crying. i can not wait until i go to Broadoak to start a brand new adventure. i will all ways remember you all so bye
Bethany Bevan-Edwards - July 2011
It was my last day today. I love windwhistle and i will definatly visit in September. I had great fun for the last 7 years. And I cant wait for broadoak. The leavers assembly was fab. And I cant wait to meet new friends.

ella-may matthews - July 2011

I will miss windwhiste but i will still have the memories of the best school ever!!!!! my favorite memory was when i was wishing that the holidays would go faster!!! I will miss the tyre park and all the wonderful staff that have helped me complete my primary school life MISS YOU LOADS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

kornelia harasimiuk - July 2011
i love this school but miss shayan far is leaving i will realy miss her 
georgia wadman - July 2011
Hi Mrs Fleming I am really happy to have you as my teacher in year 4
Martin Wheeler - June 2011
I went to Windwhistle School around 1957/58 till I went to W-S-M Grammar school. Mr Charles was the Headmaster. Wonderful to see that the school is thriving and doing so well.
Well done to everyone. Love to see an archive page with old photos etc

Kyle - June 2011

Yes i know my teacher i got Mrs Walker as my year 5 teacher

mason - June 2011

hi, i am in mrs walkers class, i have my ups and downs but ui do enjoy myself when did myths. im looking forward to finding out who we have got next year and ive promised mum il be really good for my new teacher...well il try to be. 

marshall hon (yr rc) - June 2011

i love being in miss camerons class, i dont want to leave, but am also looking forward to seeing my new teacher. I enjoy reading to my mummy and she helps me with my phonics, i want to say thank you miss cameron for making my 1st year of school fun and happy and i will pop in and say hello when we dont have to rush around for clubs. will miss you all in year Rc

victoria bayldon - June 2011

Message: i dont know why i left but im soooooooo glad a came back,i have lots of friends and im glad that mrs.fleming is staying!

cheyenne rickman - June 2011
i do not what to live my class but i really want to go to year 5 because my friend is in year 5 and she said it was really fun so i can not wait i only just got back from holiday it was cool the sea is lush nice and blue i had ice cream it was bubble gum ice cream cornwall is the best it was sunny all weekend the tent was really warm

jayley rickman - June 2011
i love my class i dont want to live it but you have changes all the time i would just like to stay in ks2 all the time that would be cool I LOVE MY FRIENDS THEY ARE THE BEST.

cheyenne rickman - June 2011
i can not wait till the boat trip beacse it souds like the best trip EVER
Sarah Newbury - June 2011
How lovely to hear from you Tara - it has been so long - Megan and I think of you a lot and look back at photos of you with a smile on our faces - remember the one of you in the wet suit on Isle of Wight trip. Mrs Hond and Mrs White send their love to you as do Megan and I - keep in touch love Miss Newbury xXx

Kyle Tanner - June 2011

i realy wanna know who my new teacher is i realy wanna know like i said i liked being in y4J whoes class will i be in?

its kyle and im sighning out

Phoenix - June 2011

Hi I'm Glad To Be In Y3W And Am Glad To Have A New Teacher Called Mrs. Chayanfar

Tara Engley (Green) - June 2011
Hi i miss all of you. Miss you megan, miss newbury, miss Hond and miss White.
Georgia y3w - June 2011

Dear Mrs Walker your the best teacher in the world and I love school. Thank you for all you've done for me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kasey - June 2011
I LOVE THIS SCHOOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
trudy thomas - May 2011
i love year 6 it is very fun sats was not as scary as i thought it would be but i am leaving soon and it is going to be very sad . from trudy thomas
francesca littlewood - May 2011
hi windwhistle missin yh so much i wish every day that i was still a windwistler ,becoz it was that amazing i loved year six mostly because we went on isle of wight thats the best  thing ive ever done thank you mrs nicholson,  mr martin,  and especially  miss hill  for helping me with my afternoon things just bfore i go to bed i misss u windwhistle but il keep poating and seee how you are miss you bye xxx

mrs ogborn - April 2011

Well done to the choir, Windwhistle Stars, your singing at the opening of The Chocolate garden, was fantastic. Lots of people were saying how good you all were.

georgia wadman y3w - April 2011

Hi everyone are you having a good holiday

katie bishop - April 2011

hi i am in y3w my techer is mrs walker we are learning about myths it is so cool i never want to leave this scool and kornelia is my best friend bye bye.

ps:i love nessie boast

louise tanner - April 2011
i love school

louise tanner - April 2011
Mrs Walkers the best teaher ever. my  faverot topic is plants

Kyle - April 2011
i realy enjoy being in y4J im realy enjoying it. But im sad Mrs Annadale is leaving after the turm is over

dawid harasimiuk - March 2011

i miss this school leaving it was sad and i enjoyed my stay at this school teachers still remember me (i hope) 

kornelia harasimiuk - March 2011

hi everyone i love this school.

ps:this is my4 comment

Georgia wadman/ y3w - March 2011
Hi .For Mrs Walker i would buy a necklace with a heart on it!!! I realy love school so i will never want to leave.Hope you ok. See you soon.
By Georgia/ y3w

Ellen Swetman - March 2011

I LOVE this school and I really really really love mrs hunt you are the best. I wish I could buy you ten bunches of flowers or more and especally like your lavinda sitting in your office.

Zac - March 2011

Hello Mrs Hunt Is The Best Headtecher. My Farvrite Thing Is Art And DT

keenen-peter-smith - March 2011

mrs walker you are the best teacher in the whole school. I really like going swimming. I really like working with you. I really like PE. I really like RE. 

trinity goold - March 2011

the best teacher in year 3 is mrss tanner

Erin Edwards y3w - March 2011

Mr James is the best teacher in the world! And if he leaves i will cry !!!!!! MR JAMES IS THE BEST ! 

kornelia harasimiuk y3w - March 2011

hi im kornelia call me nella.So i just wanted to say thank you to mrs hunt for being very nice.I realy like you.

Ps:im on my 3 comment

Georgia Wadman/ y3w - March 2011

I love this school and i will never want to leave. For mrs walker i would buy a necklace with a heart on.My best lesson is i.c.t., pe and maths. See you soon.

phoenix y3w - March 2011

Dear mrs Tanner you are the best teacher and If you go I will by you millons of sweets and chocolates. 

trinity goold - March 2011

dear mrss glover i realy miss you and mrss clements i wish i could come back to your class forever you and mrss clements are the BEST i repeat BEST teachers in the world.

kornelia harasimiuk y3w - March 2011

This is a super super school.You know every teacher in school i just like them all.

Ps:the best teacher is mrs walker

Tia lee - March 2011

I think the school is good!!!!!!!!! 

parys anderson - March 2011

To Mrs walker you are the best teacher in the world because you let us do great things for learning and if you go to a nother school i will beg for you to come back! 

katie bishop - March 2011

hello in year3 our theme is the parts of a plant i like this theme becausei like plants at the moment we have our homework projects they are so fun i am doing mine tonight  

lucy tanner - March 2011

cool progects in windwhisle  

jessica davies - March 2011

This school is the best.It has got lots of fun stuff.And i love to go on the computer!!!!!!THIS SCHOOL IS THE BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.I also love to do my maths. 

Kornelia Harasimiuk - March 2011

Mrs walker is a super teacher.She is nicer all days in the week. 

bradley torrance - March 2011

i every one this is brad who left about 4 or 5 months ago i wish could come back i hate it at my new school

p.s. i miss all of the teachers  

Zac - March 2011
Hello Mrs.Walker Is The Best Teacher IN THE WORLE WORLD I Will Never Let Her Go If She Dus I Will Buy Her 4 Chocklate Bars xxxx

ellisha maeevans - February 2011

Is in year 5 and is having a grate time there and i have a very nice teachers miss fleming is a very nice teacher to be in the class with me and the rest i dont want to leave windwhistle you i will be sad xxx

Bethany Bevan Edwards - February 2011
Heyy Windwhistle Im still in year six. We are doing boosters now. Im getting better at maths, windwhistle is a great school :)

jade y4m - February 2011
hi miss mac i will never want to leave you your the bestest teacher i've ever had thank you for teaching me (lol) xx

Clair 4M - January 2011
Hi Mrs Hunt.
this school is totally AWSOME whenever my teacher is ill i try to do my best to impress her. I never ever wanna leave this school because i got the best friends and i got my little sister and she will be on the school by her own :( least she wont be chasing me round the playground (lol) 

Shahzad Salim+ Tayla Pring - January 2011

Hello guys! It's been 5 years since we last seen the teachers of Windwhistle and we just want to say how we both miss all of you, School has been fine, but me and shahzad can't help but talk about windwhistle and everyone all the time! WE WANT TO COME BACK!!

Clair 4M - January 2011
I think windwhiste school is a great place because i have the best teachers and i always have the best friends by my side when im hurt.

Hayley Richards - January 2011

I really miss Miss Walker but im moving on i love it in y4m i like it 

Jared Norton - January 2011
Windwhistle has been the best school ive been 2 i cant wait till i see Ramel Bradley Conner and Jack Bishop 

Tommy Batchelor - December 2010
I cant wait to go back to school in january because i whant to see miss robinson and all my freinds and jan 24th on monday is my birthday and see kyle

Mrs Ogborn - December 2010
Just like to thank you for a fantastic ks2 christmas show this afternoon. You all sang so well, I had tears in my eyes.
Congratulations and thank you to all the staff for putting a lot of time and hard work into making it such a success.

Merry christmas to all of you. 

Jordan Hawkings - December 2010

Kelsey - November 2010
hi i would just like to say that i have a nice teacher called fleming who is a really good teacher and i  still miss james 

harrison deady - November 2010
hi miss mack, i,ve just moved in to your class and i'm already having the time of my life!!!!!!!!!

jessie buck x - October 2010

hey guyss some lovely comments u got there i amm missin those years back in reception y1 y2 y3 and y4 tose were the best days im missing all my teachers soooooo much love u guysss sooooo much and cloe its sooooooo boring withoght u in windwhistle !!!! NOT REALLIIIIII sch is never boring here i love this sch soooooooo much its fun being in yr 5 but not as fun as in yr 4 !!! i miss u miss jamesss soooooo much i wish u was my permanant eacher and miss mcutcheon i miss u toooo i love this school i never wanna leave love u guyss sooooo much

Cloe Miller-Picton - October 2010

awww that's lovely! i thought you had forgotten me now it's been so long! if you would like me to pop in one day, i'd be delighted to! it'd be lovely to have a catch up :) it's just changed so much there the last time i went, i'd probably get lost! haha. lovely to hear from you, i will try my best to come and see you all soon!  best wishes, cloe. 

So lovely to hear from you Cloe - I remember you well.  I am sure you will continue to do well and we look forward to some great GCSE results from you.  We would love to see you if you called in after school one day.

Mrs Hunt 

georgia towler x - Septemebr 2010

i loved windwhistle it was the best days ever i miss u windwhistle x x 

Cloe Miller-Picton - September 2010
Hey guys (:
Been a long time! Can't believe I am in yeaar 10! It is crazy how quick everything has gone! I have changed so much in 4 years of leaving! And I am loving school to be honest. Been the best 4 years of my life at Wyvern but I will never forget you lot
Well the end of year 9, we chose our GCSE options... can't believe it... GCSE's already! Only felt like yesterday that I was worrying about SATs
I think all you teachers that taught me will be pleased to know that I have taken GCSE music and am absolutely loving it! I can play Flute and Clarinet at Grade 4 standard, Saxophone at Grade 3 stardard and Piano at Grade 2 - 3 Standard. Also in 2 choirs, have done music tours abroad, eg Spain and France - and many many concerts. And am in Weston Youth Orchestra which I am really enjoying. I don't know where I would be without my music to be honest, keeps me nice and busy and out of trouble. Haha. Hope your all doing good, be nice to maybe come see you all soon! I have changed a lot now so would be suprised if you even recognised me. Looking back on my older messages from 5 or 6 years ago on this message board, it's rather embarassing but brings back sweet memories that I had at Windwhistle and everything I loved and the moments I cherished so dearly. Make the most of Primary School while you can guys, because seriously - you will miss it so much once you've left and Secondary School is quite a big jump, and challenging, but it goes quite quick if you enjoy it
Love you all, Cloe Miller-Picton (10JMB)

Bethany Bevan Edwards Y6M - September 2010
I`m in Mr Martins class this year. I can`t wait for the rest of Year 6 its going to be really fun and Im not at all worried about my sats. And the Isle of Wight is going to be really fun with all my Friends.  And I hope Miss evans is having fun around the world. I miss you Miss Evans. 

tommy - September 2010

wind wisle is the best beause theyve helped me and adam sadington stay the best of freinds so im saying thankyou all but im glad miss mucuchion was my teacher 

Ethan Edwards - August 2010
I'm a year 7 and I went to windwhistle and I loved it. It was the best place to be. 

Kelsey - July 2010
I wont be coming back to school on the first day back because my mum has got the house.  I will miss Miss James loads.

Miss McCutcheon - July 2010

Thank you Year 4 for all of your lovely messages we will miss you too but we're sure that you'll have a great time in Year 5 learning loads of new things that you can come and tell us about any time! Good luck 4M and 4J enjoy your holiday you've earned it! Miss Mack  x 

Korben Middle - July 2010
I  loved it in year3 with mrs walker and now I am moving up to mrs mac's class. windwhistle is the best. 

Kelsey - July 2010
i will miss my teacher miss james she was the best teacher ever thank you for teaching me your the best teacher ever i will allways miss u and if we do move house i will be comming into school on the first day back to say a proper goodbye to you miss james 

Jessie Buck - July 2010

i had loads of fun at bristol on the boat trip we went along the river aavon there was a boat with my middle name cathrine and we learnt loads about rivers i wish it wasnt over im sad now :( lol lol lol ): we got handed sheets of paper with some images on and we had to find those along the river instaed of seeing a sunken boat we saw a snken car it was funny it was the best trip i`ve ever had we had biscuites and everything i realy gonna miss miss james in september but im still going to see her though but its going to be funny with mr james class because they had mr james now there having miss james so they might call her mr james by accident lol lol lol :P thanx miss james and miss mcutchoen ur the best teachers in the world xxxxxxxxxxxxxx x-x-x-x-x hugs jessie

Ellisha Evans - July 2010

I am so sad to leave year 4 and to go a year ahead i will miss my teacher i will stay close to my friends I will miss my teacher so much i will come to see her every day i am happy to meet my new teacher i will miss my good lsa I will miss all the good display I will miss the whole of the class and i will meet new people in a new year 

emilie - July 2010


i love miss mack im so sad to leave her class on friday!!!!!!!!!! 

Mollie Dunford - July 2010

I'm So Sad To Be Leaving Windwhistle Its The Best School Ever Alice In Windwhistle Was A Sucsess Thank God And Best Wishes To All Of You Who Are Yet To Have More Time I Wish I Did Thank You So Much To Every One Who Has Supported Me Throughout My Time At Windwhistle I Would Name But The List Would Be More Than A Page Long And I Know Emilie Will Enjoy The Rest Of Her Time Im Jelous If Anyone Is Going To The Leavers Assembly You Will Probaly Need Tissues I Will Have Some I Really Do Hope You Carry On The Sucsess With The Plays I Will Always Come !!!!

Best Wishes



Jessie Buck y4j - July 2010
hello everyone in windwhistle having a good time it is fab in windwistle it is the best place to go if u want loads of  friends          
ive got loads im in year 4 in miss james class and i ve got loads  of friends  like ellie arron aaron connor adam.  Everyone please come to wind whistle is the best school i`ve ever been to im going to mrs flemmings / miss evans its gonna be scary lol i wish i can just go back to nursary and start all over again either that i just want to stay in miss james class and never leave lol i wish that school never gets knocked down i hope y6 is a verry long time away !!!!!!! lol i hope i never leave this school when im doin the 6 six leavers asembley i will cry myself  lol please come it is great on the 20th of july tmoz im goiN ON A BOAT TRIP TO THE RIVER AVON IN BRISTOL COOL IS THAT !!!!!!!   first in year 4 we learn about ROMANS then in the 2 term we learn about WALLACE AND GROMIT then in the 3 t erm we learn about RIVERS !!!!!!!!!   in year 3 we 1st learn bout  tuders then about flowers then about  im not sure about the end but its really fun i love it i never wan to l;eave  love all u guys  especialy miss james  and my friends  xxxxxxxxxxxxxx   lol     jessie buck 

Mary - July 2010
Hi i am going to miss Miss Mac next year.Boooo. At least I can enjoy a nice teacher called Mrs Robinson 

Jack - July 2010
Dear mrs hunt mr coggings got wet at the fair!!! 

Jordan Hawkings - July 2010
Dear  Miss hunt  windwhistle  primrey school is a lovly school
we have  exlent  teachers  and a exlent head teacher .
we have two deputy  head teachers  called miss harper and miss  williams  we have a lovley school . 

Frankie Ogborn - July 2010
When i get too year 6, i won't want too leave windwhistle because it is so lovely  and i'm going to feel sad to leave Miss Mccutcheon when i go to year five, it was a hard time when i left Mr Coggin's class, but i'm looking forward to going to Mrs Robinson's class in september. 

jack - July 2010
the learning mentor event was great

4M - July 2010
We have just had lots of fun looking at the website as a class. We were surprised to see our pictures on the Year 4 section, from now on we are going to check it more often to see if we are on there! We have learned lots of things in Year 4 and are looking forward to moving to 5R in September. Thank you 4M 

Drew - May 2010
Hey Mrs Harper - I've found Shoo's website - so have a look! 

Victoria Bayldon - May 2010
I dont ever wanna leave windwhistle because i got lots of friends there i just dont wanna say goodbye.Windwhistle is one of the best schools you should go to. well a couple of moths a go there was two news kids at windwhistle and me and my m8s made friends with them strate away. So windwhistle is the best school to go to if you wanna make friends 

courtney-lee bowen - May 2010
i love it in year five i really really dont wanna leave because miss evans is fun and also fun to be teached by.when it comes to work miss evans is funny,kindand much more really dont wanna leave sob sob! from cc-lee bowen 

courtney jackson - April 2010
hey......its not fair............when i left windwhistle everything had changed like putting new things in for the playground and the new liberay that would be coming soon i think. The school dinners have changed to nicer things better then wyvern. can u send the dinner ladies here so that they can make the nicer dinners here lol.  ive heard there has been a break-in, i am sorry to here that......PS..i wish i could come back so i could see the teachers more often lolxxx 

Drew - April 2010
miss evans your the best  teacher i've ever had and in 2 years i'll  miss you loads i'l keep in touch over th years the best trip was when year five went to WEST MIDLANDS SAFARI PARK on the 31/03/2010 when you were our tour guide. 

Hayley - March 2010

Heyy its hayley im lovin school at the moment and my favourite teacher is obviously mrs walker (she is my teacher) luv u all xxxxx 

Dawid Harasimiuk - March 2010

i soo miss this school it was great i  was sad that i had to leave
but now im onto a bigger school (much Bigger! hehe) and its pretty hard... i get more homework than in yr6 doing boosters.
nice to write here see you all one day

Victoria Bayldon - February 2010
I love windwhisle i dont wanna leave to secondry skl i have lots of friends here.and most of r going to broadoak but there r some bullys at that school im not naming names so dont ask me. Anyway i really like my teacher miss james she is so nice. 

Alicia Mattock - February 2010

Hi i have just started at windwhistle primary school, i think windwhistle primary school is the best school i have seen in weston super mare and i have lots of friends and best friends already. I have really nice teachers like mrs Nicholson and mr Martin  at windwhistle primary school !!!

Rhys Evans - January 2010

This school is the best in weston 

Grace Messham - December 2009

hhheeeyyy peoplez,

this is grace

im in yr5R the best class eva
larni is so koooolll 

Kennedy Pearce - December 2009

Hellooooo Everyonee
im havinqq a brilliant time at wyvern but miss windwhistle loads
loveyou all

Kayleigh Commons - December 2009

hi everyone hope all is well i will see u all soon

kayleigh.  say hi to mr martin 

Charlotte Humphries - December 2009

i hope leilani is havinq a good time in yr 5 be good lily have a good time on your trip okay xx 

Mollie Dunford - October 2009
I cant belive I made yr6 its fritening even though i started windwhistle in y4 I would have to say that this school is the best out of all 3 schools ive been 2 .
lol mollie

Annon - September 2009

As a parent i would like to say a huge thank you to all the help while i was ill a couple of years ago. and for the ongoing help you are giving my child. since attending starlight room he has beamed confidence, and since receiving reading recovery he has come on in leaps and bounds. a huge thank you tomis k brown miss cook (now mrs munday, and took over miss brown) mrs strang, and all the others who helped and are helping now. 

Beckiie Ling - September 2009

heya all at windwhistle lisa and beckiie here, we are missing windwhistle like mad cant believe its been 5 years since we left cant believe that most of the teachers have got married and that. but good old mrs harper is still there! love all the teachers that used to teach me! mrs harper mrs white mr martin and a few others. good luck to mrs kb and mrs atkins is trying to come back to britain from america xxxxx love you all xxxxxxxxxxxxxx 

Amyleigh - August 2009

Hi everyone im going into yr7 now gonna miss all the teachers and stuff just wanted to say hi x x x