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"Achievement by building confidence"

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  • There are still some places available for Reception in September 2018.  If you have a child who will be 5 in the next school year and don't yet have a place please give us a call!

Year 4


Year 4 (8 images)

In Year 4 this term we have been learning about rivers and mountains around the world. We began by making 3D models to show how rivers start at the source up high, often in the mountains, and meander downhill across the countryside, widening and joining with other rivers until they reach the sea. We have learnt about the different habitats a river may pass through along its journey from its source to the sea and the different plants and animals that may be found living there. We have been particularly interested in the impact plastics are having on these habitats and the damage that plastics can have on the oceans when they are carried there by rivers. In May, we had a day trip to Slimbridge Wetland Centre where we looked at birds, otters and beavers in their own natural habitats. We had fun feeding the birds and listening to wildlife using sound guns to magnify sounds made by birds and other animals.

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Year 4 – February 2018 (2 images)

In Year 4 we have been learning about the people who invaded and settled in Britain after the Romans left. The Anglo Saxons came here from Denmark, Holland and Germany because they wanted a better climate to live in and grow their crops. In DT we had to work in groups to plan and make a model of an Anglo Saxon village. It was quite a challenge because we had to decide on which parts of the village we were each going to make and then work out the layout. It was good fun and we were really happy with our end results. We began our theme with a visit from Katherine, who works at Weston Museum. She brought some Anglo Saxon artefacts with her. We got to examine them and work out what they were used for. We also started to think about how a museum is organised, because we will be designing our own vault of treasures later on. We have learned some Anglo Saxon crafts, including weaving. This was how they made fabric which they used to make blankets and clothes. Although it was difficult at first, we persevered and we all felt really proud of our results. We also designed our own ‘Illuminated Letters’ which Anglo Saxon monks used to decorate their hand –written copies of The Bible. In English we have been reading Arthur and the Golden Rope by Joe Tod Stanton. It tells the epic story of Arthur, an unlikely hero who faces danger as he goes on a quest to rid his village of an evil monster. The story is based on a Norse myth and we have had fun challenging ourselves to write a range of styles of writing, from a TV advert, to poems and finally our own adventure story.

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Year 4 Website Update T2 2017 (2 images)

We have had an exciting term learning all about the Romans. Back in September, we were visited by Marcus, a Roman Centurion. He explained what it was like being part of the Roman Army and taught us how to do some fighting formation, such as ‘The Tortoise’, where we had to stand in rows and cover ourselves with our shields. We also got the opportunity to try on some of the Roman armour, which was so heavy we couldn’t imagine what it would be like to actually do battle in! We have also been learning about Volcanoes and did a lot of research using the iPads. We discovered that Mount Vesuvius had a devastating eruption in AD 79, killing thousands of people who lived in the beautiful city of Pompeii. The events of that fateful day unfolded so quickly that people didn’t have the chance to escape and were turned into stone as the ash and lava settled. Bristol University came to visit us to explain what sort of careers we could follow if we went to University when we were older. We learned some of the teamwork skills we would need and discovered some exciting subjects, such as archaeology, town planning and innovation. In November we took part in ‘Raise the Roof’, which is a singing concert held for children in Year3 and Year 4. We joined together with children from Bournville, Oldmixon and Uphill Schools and shared the songs we had all learned. We really did feel like our voices ‘Raised the Roof!’ We also had fun learning about how to stay safe on our Bikes. We had a workshop run by Bikeabilty, and we found out how to ride our bikes safely when we are out and about. Everyone got the chance to join in and for some of us it was quite a challenge as we were a little bit wobbly to begin with!

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Year 4 update (6 images)

Year 4 we spent a memorable day at Slimbridge in the Spring where we learnt about different birds and how they have adapted to feed in different ways. We observed how they eat and noted how different shaped beaks help them to find their food in different ways. Since Easter we have been learning about the Anglo Saxons and about the jobs they did in their villagers. Did you know that most Anglo Saxon children didn’t go to school? Instead, they learnt how to weave, how to plant seeds and how to paint Saxon runes on stones. We have also been learning about where the Anglo Saxons settled in Britain and which towns and villages still have Saxon names.

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Year 4 - February 2017 (6 images)

In Year 4, we are learning about rivers and mountains. We found out about the journey that a river makes from its source in the mountains, until it eventually meets the sea. We worked in groups and made 3D models of the river’s journey using Paper Mache. In English we wrote a newspaper report based on the film Finding Nemo. We used exciting vocabulary and included all of the features of a newspaper report, such as writing in columns and having a witness statement. We are enjoying our P.E. lessons this term. We have the sports coaches and we have been using the apparatus in the sports hall to do our gym lessons. We have worked hard to do a series of linked moves, such as half turns and tucks, and also improved our balance and landing positions. In science, we took part in the BBC programme “Terrific Scientific”. We did an experiment where we had to count how many taste buds we had on a small section of our tongues. We used blue food dye so that it was easier to see the taste buds. We worked out if we were tasters, non tasters or super tasters. Then we watched a live lesson from the BBC and compared our findings to the hundreds of other schools that had taken part

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The Roaming Romans! (5 images)

In Year 4 we have been learning about The Romans. The romans had a vast Empire and they had an incredibly well trained army. On the first day of term we were visited by a Roman soldier called Marcus. He explained how Roman soldiers set up camps as they prepared for battles. We learnt that eight soldiers had to sleep in a tiny tent and that they sometimes had to walk 30 miles a day carrying their heavy armour and weapons with them. In English we have written diary entries. We imagined what it would have been like to have been a Roman soldier in Britain. We used exciting adjectives and verbs to explain the main events and also thought about the soldiers emotions as he travelled so far away from his family. In maths we have been working hard to improve our times tables and learning new and improved ways to add and subtract numbers. Our work has been challenging and we have made lots of mistakes, which is a good thing because it helps us to learn new things. We were really excited to take part in the “Raise the Roof Music Festival”, together with two other local primary schools. We learned 10 different songs, which were linked to helping us with our reading, writing and spelling. It was really good fun and we especially liked doing all the actions. In Year 4 we are also learning how to play the ukulele. Mr Parfitt has already taught us three chords and now we are busy preparing for the KS2 Christmas concert

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Year 4 - Homework Project 2016 (8 images)

Homework Project In year 4 we did a homework project linked to our history theme. We had to design and build our own Anglo Saxon house. We thought carefully about what materials to use so that our models looked as realistic as possible. We were really proud of our hard work and at the end of the day we got to see what the other year groups had done as well.

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