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Windwhistle Primary School

Windwhistle Primary School

Kingsley Road, Weston-super-Mare
North Somerset BS23 3TZ

Headteacher: Lyn Hunt BA(Ed) PGDip
01934 629145

"Achievement by building confidence"

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  • There are still some places available for Reception in September 2018.  If you have a child who will be 5 in the next school year and don't yet have a place please give us a call!



Amazing Animals (26 images)

Following on from learning about dinosaurs, we have been learning about other amazing animals! We started by visiting the farm where we met Toby the owl and Mary the hen. We went on a scavenger hunt in the woods and built dens for some teddies. We have been reading the story of Farmer Duck and the Little Red Hen and we have made our own bread. We really enjoyed eating the results! We have been visited by one of our parents and her chicks and tortoises too! You can’t be squeamish as a Nursery class teacher; we found a frog, a lizard and lots of snails and spiders in our nursery garden; which, of course, we have to hold so the children could have a closer look.

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Dinosaurs (12 images)

Our class have always been passionate about dinosaurs so we followed their interests and created lots of learning opportunities. We measured how long and how tall dinosaurs were, counting the unifix we used to measure. We ordered sets of dinosaurs by size. We made up stories about dinosaurs and acted them out in ‘story square’. We found and dinosaur footprints, using both dinosaurs and our own footprints. We explored dinosaur fossils and made our own dinosaur skeletons. We are convinced we found a dinosaur tooth! We celebrated the end of our learning by meeting a real dinosaur when Titch the T-Rex came to visit us! He was a very friendly dinosaur!

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Traditional Stories (26 images)

We have been enjoying traditional stories in Nursery! We have been reading the 3 Little pigs, the 3 Billy Goats Gruff, Goldilocks and the 3 Bears and Little Red Riding Hood. The children have learnt the structure of stories and enjoyed retelling using puppets and props. They also enjoyed exploring porridge – even making ‘oat’ angels! We tasted porridge and explored using different tools to fill and pour. We built bridges to go over rivers and had a go at using different materials to make houses for the pigs.

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Celebrations! (50 images)

This term we have had lots of celebrations! We celebrated Chinese New Year by exploring Chinese artefacts, playing with noodles, decorating a dragon and doing a dragon dance; and tasting Chinese food! Phew! We celebrated Windwhistle World book day by dressing up, visiting the library to choose our favourite book and sharing this book with a friend. St David’s day meant we started to become aware of the signs of Spring, painted daffodil pictures and explored the costumes and customs of Wales. We also planted beans and wrote signs to tell everyone ‘do not dig!’ and ‘do not stamp on our plants!’ We love getting out in our outside space and playing in the mud kitchen!

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Bookstart Bear visit (17 images)

What a wonderful opportunity to encourage an early love of reading! Bookstart Bear visited our Nursery Class and presented the children with a treasure pack, including a book to keep forever!

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Nursery Class Term 1 'Bear Necessities' (19 images)

Our first term in Nursery has been all about the ‘Bear Necessities’. Children have been exploring and finding out about the Nursery environment; trying out new activities and learning about rules, routines and expectations. Sometimes children need some gentle encouragement and support as they learn new skills; but soon they are ready to have a go themselves. Following a bear-based theme, children have made bear masks, painted pictures of bears, read stories to their own teddies and made playdough models of bears. We went on a bear hunt and made a 3D story map of our favourite story. In PE we have been travelling over, under and through equipment and learning self-help skills such as putting on our own shoes and socks. As well as our bear theme we have followed children’s interests such as drawing around dinosaur shadows. Most of all we have had lots of fun!

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Spring into Summer (27 images)

We have been focussing on animals during Spring and we all went to the farm! We loved meeting the chickens and cows and we saw lots of other animals on our tractor ride! We have been reading ‘What the ladybird heard’ and we made our own ‘animal houses’. We painted farm animals and even put on our own show, retelling the story. We celebrated Easter by making Easter nests and we learnt about St George’s day too. We were lucky to have our local PCSO visit us- we learnt about the uniform Police wear and about their equipment – we even got to sit in a real police car! We have also been continuing learning about numbers, measure and counting. We practise writing letters and our names too. Now the Summer has finally arrived, we are busy planning lots of ‘picnics’ which helps us to learn about sharing and working together as a team.

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Website update Nursery Class December 2016 (14 images)

Our celebrations at Christmas time include the children learning about the Christmas story and preparing a Nativity play for parents to watch. They were absolutely fabulous and it was great to see their growing confidence! They had to learn dances and songs and how to make sure they know when it was their turn to perform! Fabulous work Nursery! The children also enjoyed visiting the Christmas grotto and practising their pencil control by tracing Christmas patterns and writing the all-important Christmas letter to Santa! In maths they compared and ordered objects by size. They also enjoyed painting a picture of Santa!

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March Update (56 images)

We have been continuing to follow the children’s interests in different occupations by inviting parents and volunteers in to share their experiences. The children really loved taking part in a karate lesson and many would love to be a karate teacher when they grow up now! They also really enjoyed learning about hairdressing and practised their skills on ‘willing’ grown-ups and friends! We also learnt about being a chef by cooking our own pancakes and preparing vegetables for soup. We enjoyed tasting the results of our efforts very much! Now Spring is on its way, we have been noticing the changes in the garden and looking after the new flowers that have appeared. We celebrated St David’s day by making and painting daffodils. We have also been on a number hunt, looking for and beginning to recognise numerals in the environment; then practising our counting and number recognition skills. We have been practising using some of our ‘construction worker’ skills by using hammers, nails and shapes to make pictures.

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February 2017 (24 images)

The Nursery class teacher had a poorly leg in February so this inspired the children to find out about being nurses and doctors. They loved being patients too! The interest in different occupations continued into construction workers and the children practised working as part of a team, solving problems together. They developed their fine motor skills by using nuts and bolts. This led to practising their name-writing skills. We also visited our school library and explored different books. The children continued their interest in printing by making tracks outside using painty puddles and wellies - what a surprise to find out how the colours had changed! We have also had great fun dancing and moving to music.

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Helicopter Museum Jan 2017 (18 images)

In January we visited the Helicopter museum, following children’s interests in transport. The children loved sitting in the cockpit and lots of adults did too! We found out lots of interesting information and we even had a go at flying our own mini helicopters too. When we returned to Nursery, we drew, painted and created pictures of transport and built our own vehicles. We explored printing with tyres and wheels too. What a fun start to the New Year!

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October Update 2016 (29 images)

Starting Nursery involves the children exploring the setting and finding out what they can do. It means making new friends and getting to know the adults who help them. It means learning about the expectations, such as tidy up time; the routines, such as snack time and our rules. Children begin to show curiosity and try new things out; often experiencing pride in their achievements. They begin to show their willingness keep going when challenges occur. The children have met Eddie the teddy who helps children think about the Characteristics of Effective Learning; as well as his little brother Freddie, who children take turns to have as their companion. Our theme for the term has been ‘Bear Necessities’. We read lots of bear-themed books – the children enjoyed retelling ‘Brown bear, brown bear, what did you see?’ using puppets and made representations of bears using playdough and paint. They also went on their very own bear hunt, after reading the book ‘We’re going on a bear hunt’ by Michel Rosen. They enjoyed making and tasting porridge- just like Goldilocks; and even enjoyed hearing the story read in French by a parent. We celebrated the end of the theme by children bringing in their own soft toys to read a story to, stories about bears of course!

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Nursery - Summer 2016 (16 images)

In Nursery Class we have been really busy learning about shapes and finding out that shapes really are all around us! We explored what shapes look like by making them using lolly sticks, straws, buttons and gemstones. We also went out to find shapes in the environment and began to understand the difference between 2D and 3D shapes. The term has also been full of celebrations and we have been learning about British Values by celebrating St George’s day. We used our computers to find out more about how we celebrate traditions in Britain. We also looked at the Union Jack and the England flag. Lots of us made links in our learning to our knowledge of football! We looked carefully at these flags then made our own; some of us used our creative thinking skills to come up with our own ideas. We then used our physical skills to decorate and ice St George’s day biscuits. This required a lot of concentration! We have been developing our Characteristics of Effective Learning with the help of Explorer Ted. Explorer Ted helps us to think about our ‘doing’, ‘trying’ and ‘thinking’ skills and gives us challenges to complete. We use our ‘doing’ skills by showing curiosity and we had a challenge to go on a bug hunt. We used the microscope to find out more about our discoveries. Another challenge was to fill a Numicon board making sure there were no gaps or overhanging shapes – we were so proud when we were successful!

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